5 Clean Technologies That Will Change The World

As we continue to adopt and utilize environmentally friendly technologies, it’s important to take the time to appreciate their usefulness and effectiveness towards making our world a cleaner and healthier place. Here is a look at 5 clean technologies that will surely change the world over time.

Mercury-Free (LED) Lighting

While not quite commonplace yet, light-emitting diode (LED) bulbs as a form of lighting is widely considered the future of home and business utility tech. Extremely energy efficient and reliable, these bulbs possess the ability to minimize our environmental impact as well as our energy bills through the use of sophisticated components and engineering. While CFL bulbs are still widely common due to their affordability, they contain trace amounts of mercury that can be seriously harmful to us under prolonged exposure. As LED bulbs lower in price, they’ll be more widely accepted into homes and businesses everywhere.

Vertical Farming

In the age of increased residential and commercial density, space is at a premium for many of us. Combined with the adverse effects of climate change such as fluctuating temperatures and unstable storm systems, and you have the perfect opportunity for vertical farming to become a mainstream form of green technology. Housing harvestable vegetation in controlled environments in a vertically arranged manner to minimize space requirements, vertical farming is the ideal way to sustain as a species in an uncertain future.

Solar Panels

They’ve been around for ages now, but no matter how you look at it, solar paneling is the way of the future. Incredibly efficient and increasingly affordable as demand increases throughout a world waking up to realize the importance of clean energy, these meticulously engineered panels are future-proofed. One home consumes a kilowatt of energy per day, and just a few feet of well-positioned solar paneling can easily provide it.

Retrofitted Train Engines

The world simply cannot function without adequate and reliable transportation, and traveling and shipping goods by rail is just as crucial towards the well being of modern society as it was 150 years ago. Retrofitted train engines being developed and implemented in California promise to provide the same level of service, but with far less of a negative impact on the environment. Through careful engineering and research, these engines reduce diesel exhaust by 50%. We can only hope this technology is adapted throughout the world.

Artificial Intelligence

Through the careful and thoughtful implementation of A.I. technologies, we can develop ways of meeting economical needs through industry while downsizing and lowering negative impacts on our environment. A.I. doesn’t require anything else other than electricity and repair facilities, minimizing food and resource consumption in the workplace dramatically if widely implemented. This will result in humans being directed away from labour-intensive employment that can be automated and more towards scientific progress and fields that make better use of our minds and able bodies.
With these examples of various technologies in mind, it’s clearer than ever to see that mankind is headed towards an exciting and prosperous future so long as we can continue to innovate. Through the careful development, research, and implementation of green technologies, a green future is viable.

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