The Council for Advanced Hybrid Research is an organization dedicated to the education of society on the importance and benefits of hybrid energy and green living. Comprising of several executives and thought leaders well versed in the mechanics of energy, environmentalism, and green technology, the CAHR is managed and operated by professionals who understand and respect the importance of green living. Therefore, it is our goal to provide clear and accurate information to better educate those who want to learn more about hybrid energy and environmentalism in general.

The ever-growing relevance of green living — a trend if you will — enables us to make our voices more widely heard, for it is now that the general public is listening and willing to incorporate eco-friendliness into their lives due to the state of our environment. Many are as passionate as we are about providing a healthy and stable world for future generations.

A History Of Climate Change Research

Of course, we’re not the first to analyze and research our planet’s environmental stability and climate change. In fact, scientists have been well aware of it for almost two hundred years, first recognized in 1824 by French physicist Joseph Fourier as the “greenhouse effect” (a term which has survived in the form of greenhouse gases). It was understood even then that atmospheric changes could have an adverse effect on Earth’s protection from the sun, making our planet more prone to warming over time. With continued research and development through the industrial revolution, age of steam, and birth of nuclear energy, we’ve now amassed a more complete and thorough understanding of the need to move towards cleaner alternatives of energy generation in order to make climate change as little of a threat as possible in the future.

Making Progress Towards A Green Future

Today, many of the world’s countries have prioritized the switch to hybrid, renewable energy, with China, the United States, Brazil, Canada, India, Germany, Russia, Japan, Norway, and Italy forming the top ten producers of renewable energy. Various technological advancements and increasing amounts of research have resulted in the creation and successful implementation of Hydroelectric, Wind, Solar, Geothermal, and even Biomass energy production methods, all of which of are a renewable nature. Even the smoke-belching ocean liners and cargo ships of yesteryear have modernized, replaced in due time by
LNG-powered cruise and product transport vessels that are set to become commonplace in 2020 or so. Many of these energy solutions continue to be researched and worked on to better improve their efficiency and positive impact on our environment.

In the end, the Council for Advanced Hybrid Research is about presenting these discoveries, histories, and ongoing changes in the world of hybrid energy and environmentalism to you. In essence, you are the key to the future, and it has never been more important to communicate and educate on green living practices and steps we can take as a species to respect our environment. In turn, we’ll be healthier and able to live in a more stable and protected world.